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Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo
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Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo

Year (2012), Sarmiento donated 400 apartments to families affected by Colombia’s torrential rain and landslides.
Sarmiento Angulo created in 1993 “Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Foundation” funded entirely by him.
“Money is not a thing that can be trusted much. It is certainly important and I appreciate it, I’m proud to have him. But I expect that I will be recognized more for my service to the people that for my career, built with dedication and smart, clean decisions, without dark areas” Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo

Luis Carlos Sarmiento Net Worth is $12.4 Billion. Sarmiento’s career began modestly during the 1950s, building residential and commercial developments. After making his name in the construction business, Sarmiento initiated an acquisitions campaign that has persisted for decades, concentrating on banks and financial service institutions.