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Philanthropist in Italy

Diego Della Valle

No.1: Diego Della Valle

Diego Della Valle, CEO of Tod’s, has pledged €25 million to help restore the city’s Colosseum

In 2011, Mr Della Valle put up €25m to fund long-needed and nearly completed restoration of the Colosseum in Rome...

Natalia Bulgari and Woody Halsey

No.2: Natalia Bulgari and Woody Halsey

The Bulgari family has just given €1.5 million to refurbish the Spanish Steps.

Fendi Family

No.3: Fendi Family

The Fendi family, which owns the Rome-based luxury label, is funding a €2.18 million restoration of the city’s Trevi fountain

Claudio and Debra Del Vecchio

No.4: Claudio and Debra Del Vecchio

Debra has been a philanthropic support in the making of the Golden Fleece Foundation.

She made significant efforts to raise millions of dollars for a number of charities like the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital...

Ernesto & Kirsty Bertarelli

No.5: Ernesto & Kirsty Bertarelli

Forbes Magazine estimated Ernesto Bertarelli’s fortune at $8.1 billion in November 2015 whilst according to Sunday Times Rich List Kirsty Bertarelli's fortune at $9.45 billion

According to the Sunday Times Giving List for 2015 they gave away £66.7 million (about $100 million) to worthy charities in the preceding year.