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Jeronimo Arango & Manuel Arango
Source: Forbes

Jeronimo Arango & Manuel Arango

Jeronimo Arango & Manuel Arango founded the Mexican Center For Philanthropy and is a strong advocate of a number of philanthropy causes focused mainly on social issues and the environment.
He founded and remains actively involved with the following nonprofit organizations: Compartir Fundación Social, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the Xochitla Foundation, the Mexican Foundation for Environmental Education and Caracol de Plata.
His efforts helped establish Distintivo ESR, a program of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy that publicly recognizes companies that excel in their social, environmental and community efforts.

Net worth $4.1 billion(2015). Since 1958, Arango’s family business has been the Bodega Aurrera supermarket chain, part of Grupo Cifra, which sold out to Wal-Mart and became Wal-Mart de México (Walmex), which netted Arango $2 billion. Arango also owns real estate in Acapulco and the Baja Peninsula.