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Evgeny Lebedev
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Evgeny Lebedev

Evgeny is a patron of Space for Giants, an international conservation charity based in the UK and Kenya that protects African elephants from poaching. In 2014 The Independent titles and Evening Standard ran a campaign that raised over £500,000 for the charity, which was used to train wildlife wardens and buy new conservation areas in which elephants could live.

The Evening Standard originally used the Dispossessed Fund to raise £1 million to donate to small, grassroots charities in the capital. It has now raised more than £10 million and distributed funds to 650 charities helping an estimated 100,000 Londoners in need.

Homeless Veterans
Last year, working with ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and Veterans Aid, the papers raised over one million pounds for soldiers in the UK who had fallen on hard times.

Elephant Appeal
In 2013, working with Space for Giants, the papers raised over half a million pounds for the Independent’s Elephant Appeal, to help stop poachers slaughtering elephants for their ivory.

Child Soldiers
In 2012, working with UNICEF, the papers raised over quarter of a million pounds to finance rehabilitation centres in the Central African Republic for former child soldiers to be given psychological care.

Evgeny was chairman of the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation. Founded in 2006, the foundation was started  to help children with cancer. It aims to remove financial, national and political barriers to treatment, both life-saving and life-enhancing, in Russia and Britain. It has now raised over £10 million.