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Desnos T Yed
Source: Desnos T Yed

Desnos T Yed

Yed is a Protestant Methodist known for his generous acts of philanthropy to both church and communities. Both his parents are devout Christians involved in the daily life of their church and community. Yed’s father was a team leader in translating the Bible into Abidji (a local dialect).
Yed has through his many philanthropic endeavours built a church in his home village as well as other churches in Cote d’Ivoire and given special donations to woman’s groups and orphans. He has also built an access bridge in Guinea for a local village.

He founded his first business Imtradex & Partners in 1996, the company exporting tropical fruits to Europe. In 1996 Yed launched Yedcor International, a conglomerate comprising six companies, namely Yedcor Consulting, Yedcor Aviation, Geb& Nut, Yedcor Construction, E-Gazaar and AfriGalleries.