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Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi
Source: Wikipedia

Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi

In 2008, Al Amoudi funded King Saud University’s an enhanced oil recovery research chair. Al Amoudi has also fully funded the King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology at King Saud University.

Al Amoudi was named as one of the William J. Clinton Foundation Donors, according to information released as part of an obligation placed on former President Clinton when he supported Hillary Clinton’s nomination as Secretary of State. Al Amoudi is reported to have donated between US$1m and US$5m to the foundation.

Al Amoudi sponsored the CECAFA Cup, Africa’s oldest football cup competition, in 2005 and 2006, and the tournament was named the Al Amoudi Senior Challenge Cup as a result in those years. He also supports Ethiopian Premier League Club St. George and covered the medical expenses of one of Ethiopia’s most celebrated footballers, Mengistu Worku, before his death in December 2010. In 2011, he pledged 100 million Ethiopian birr for a stadium and access road in Mek’ele.

Sheikh Al Amoudi has donated 20 million dollars to the “Clinton Health Access Initiative”, he has founded an hospital in Addis Ababa, he has endowed the Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi Center for Breast Cancer (Saudi Arabia)